I thought I'd show off a super-duper little function that I now slip into practically every site I build without really thinking about it.

A bunch of our more recent sites feature footers that truly book-end the site; that scream: "This is the end! You can tell, because there are shards of broken wood or torn fabric that suggest this page has reached its contentual termination! All change here!". The problem is, of course, that a) you might have a really short page of content (like "Thanks for filling out that form!"); and 3) there's just no accounting for screen size. Consequently your beautiful end-piece might end up floating in the middle of the screen like a sad clown that unsuccessfully tried to hang himself.

So, with that disturbing simile in mind, here's some handy jQuery to ensure your footer will always stick to the bottom of your page:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function() {
   var docHeight = $(window).height();
   var footerHeight = $('#footer').height();
   var footerTop = $('#footer').position().top + footerHeight;
   if (footerTop < docHeight) {
    $('#footer').css('margin-top', 10 + (docHeight - footerTop) + 'px');
  // -->

Once the DOM is ready, this code checks the height of the browser viewport ($(window).height()), the height of the footer element, and the 'top' position of the footer element (technically it's actually the bottom of the footer, since it's the footer's top position plus its height).

Then, if footerTop is less than docHeight, the footer's margin-top CSS property is set to push it to the bottom of the page, plus an extra 10px for good measure.

A couple of assumptions are made for this code to work right out of the box:

  • Your footer has the ID #footer;
  • Your footer is an explicit height, or;
  • It contains elements with explicit heights that might not be fully loaded on $document(ready) - like images

And shazam! You're done.

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  • Keil Miller

    If the footer had an explicit height, you could acomplish the same thing in pure css. The issue lies in height: auto.

    • uyas


  • Maxime

    Thank you!

    I have added the following to ensure the footer is well positioned even when I use some page effects:

    • Maxime


      positionFooter () ;

      function positionFooter () {
      var docHeight = $(window).height();
      var footerHeight = 90;/*$(‘#footer’).height()*/
      var footerTop = $(‘#footer’).position().top + footerHeight;
      if (footerTop < docHeight) {
      $('#footer').css('margin-top', (docHeight – footerTop) + 'px');


  • carla jesus

    This is great :) thank you!

  • george okeefe

    Thanks man. You have no idea how long have i tried to make it work with css and i never managed to make it work. Again, Thanks for posting this.

  • alcreator2

    very nice.. thanks man

  • ChengWang

    I love you, no homo

  • Henry Withoot

    The BEST solution so far if not want to have the scrollbar just change 10 to 0:
    if (footerTop < docHeight) {

    $('#footer').css('margin-top', 10 + (docHeight – footerTop) + 'px');



    if (footerTop < docHeight) {

    $('#footer').css('margin-top', 0 + (docHeight – footerTop) + 'px');


    • http://blog.gaijindesign.com/ Lawrie Malen

      That’s true, Henry, The extra 10px was added as a little extra leeway just in case.

  • Mr. Pickles

    That indentation…

  • sunny

    thank u so much for your help…..

  • sunny

    there is still a margin of 1px below the footer you can change 10 to -1 as below

    $(‘#footer’).css(‘margin-top’, -1 + (docHeight – footerTop) + ‘px’);

  • Zack Gali

    This doesn’t seem to work for sites that is longer(vertical) than a single page. The footer ends up at the bottom of the initial view and stays fixed at that point when I scroll down.

  • Isa

    Really thank you, you have saved my life!

  • Laurie Starkus Cote

    I just tried for several hours to get this to work with CSS. I tried this and BOOM, it worked right out of the box! Thanks!